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Common Causes Of Tractor Trailer Accidents

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Speeding is one of the easiest driver errors to identify. Unfortunately, it’s also very deadly. The faster the big rig is going, the longer it’s going to take to stop safely. Truck drivers have an added responsibly to curb their speeding habits, as maneuvering big trucks involves different deceleration techniques and greater stopping distance than other vehicles. If the driver can’t get the vehicle to stop, every mile per hour increases the impact and increases the likelihood that an impact will be more deadly.

Aggressive Driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), aggressive driving occurs when a person intentionally commits motor vehicle violations and endangers the life of other drivers. This kind of behavior comes in many forms, but the common denominator is a driver putting their own life or convenience above the safety of others.

For example, passenger and consumer vehicles have a recommended following distance. If a truck driver was tailgating you because he wanted to “push” you to go faster, he’d be endangering your life, and disregarding motor vehicle regulations. Actions like cutting you off, riding in the center of two lanes, and swerving through traffic can all be considered aggressive driving.

Aggressive driving accidents can be particularly dangerous when they involve a truck driver. Many of these negligent individuals rely on the size of their vehicle to intimidate other drivers as they see fit.

Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is so dangerous because it causes the driver to operate the rig dangerously, make poor decisions, and potentially fall asleep behind the wheel. Tired operators may swerve in their lane or change speed unpredictably. They may also make more misjudgments regarding the vehicle’s turning angles and required stopping distances, which may in turn cause them to run others off the road.

Perhaps the most concerning result of driver fatigue, however, is when the pilot falls asleep at the wheel. Tons and tons of metal and cargo are suddenly running out of control, and are almost unstoppable until the point of collision. Truckers generally travel through interstate and local highway routes, maintaining a speed close to the limit for the given area. Traveling at such high speeds, the effects of fatigued driving are compounded, and often fatal

Distracted Driving

Unfortunately, not everyone takes this obligation with the seriousness it deserves. Distracted driving is a factor in far too many accidents. Every second a driver’s eyes are off the road they’re endangering everyone in their vicinity.

The most common culprit behind distracted driving is a cell phone. People have gotten so accustomed to using their devices, they feel as though they need them every second of the day. When the driver of a big truck isn’t paying attention, it takes much more effort and time to regain control of the rig, often causing jackknife accidents. All accident attorneys will tell you that it’s very hard to recover control of a tractor trailer once it is lost

Impaired Driving

The term impaired driving covers several debilitating factors. First of all, the reaction time of the driver is likely to be slower, making it easier for them to misjudge turns, lanes, and distances. Large trucks already require much greater stopping distances than other vehicles, so when you factor in delayed reaction time, the results can be even more disastrous. Impaired drivers can also lose consciousness at the wheel, leaving several tons of metal speeding down the roadway with no one in control.

Failed Inspections

There’s a reason why tractor trailers need to be regularly inspected. There are many complicated components, so there are more opportunities for failure. In addition, these rigs may have upwards of one million miles on them. Long hours on the road mean wear and tear on the equipment, increasing the possibility of accident-producing equipment failures.

Inspections are designed to make sure every truck is legal and safe. These checkups catch many problems and can keep dangerous rigs off the road until safety violations are corrected. But there will be some big rigs on the road that violate inspection laws.

Tractor Trailer Injury Lawyers Near Me

If you or someone you love has been the victim of an aggressive tractor trailer driver, time is of the essence. The sooner you begin the process of litigation, the sooner you’ll receive the compensation you deserve. Aggressive driving shows blatant disregard for the safety of everyone on the road. It’s important to hold truck drivers accountable for their actions, and to discourage such driving violations in the future.

When you’re involved in such a case, it helps to have an experienced and trustworthy team on your side. Here at the National Truck Injury Law Firm, we have years of experience dealing with cases just like yours, so we are intimately familiar with the process and the tactics the other side will try to employ. We’ll fight hard on your behalf – and you’ll never pay a dime unless we come through for you.

We’ll tackle all instances of negligence stemming from aggressive driving and trucker error including: